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Live music is what makes
the dance go. We're lucky
to have the kind of great
old-time string bands
playing for us that lift our
spirit and keep our feet
moving to a solid groove.



We love hosting our annual dance weekend and having in great callers and bands from out of town; however the costs to host this event have outpaced the income for the past several years, so no weekend events are currently planned.

We are continuing to look for ways to host a one day event with some great Missouri, or close by talent. Keep an eye on the events page for updates.

In the mean time we encourage all of our dancers to enjoy our regular Saturday dances, and be sure to bring your friends and neighbors to continue to support traditional dance and music in our Springfield and nearby communities.

Dance pictures are available on the Traditional Dance and Music Society Facebook page.
Join us there to get invited to TDMSO hosted events.




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